Green mobility at Deutsch Bahn powered by hydrogen

17 March 2022 11:25 - 11:55

  • At Deutsche Bahn, we are breaking new ground and driving forward decarbonization of the transport sector for the good of the environment.
  • DB wants to be climate-neutral by 2040 and use for example hydrogen instead of diesel in regional passenger service.
  • It is crucial to understand and master the technology as an overall system, i.e. vehicle, H2 supply infrastructure and maintenance infrastructure must interact perfectly to achieve an operational optimum.
  • The funding project H2goesRail is playing a major role at Deutsche Bahn achieving a climate-neutral status and a fully green DB fleet.

Marc-Andre Sahba, Lead Project Manager, H2goesRail, Deutsche Bahn AG

Christian Pieper, Project Manager Alternative Drives and Infrastructure, DB Energie GmbH