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More than compression: For over 100 years NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP (NEA) has been supplying compressor units to industry. But that’s not all. NEA is now a one-stop shop for integrated solutions along the Hydrogen value chain. Its expanded portfolio includes electrolyzers, reformers, Hydrogen refueling stations and many other energy solutions covering generation, distribution and storage. Eager to help decarbonization efforts, the GROUP founded the NEA ENERGY division: a home to five companies dedicated to providing upstream and downstream Hydrogen solutions in everything from electrolyzer and fuel cell development to the production of e-fuels for use in rail, shipping and aviation. As a result, NEA is best placed to support its customers as they move away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable gases.


Ricardo Rail

Ricardo Rail are a global rail consultancy providing technical expertise, assurance and specialist engineering services to help you navigate the industry's operational, commercial and regulatory demands.

With capabilities in all disciplines, from rolling stock, signalling and telecommunications, to energy efficiency, decarbonisation, safety management and operational planning, Ricardo supports a client portfolio that ranges from some of the world's largest rail administrations to niche component suppliers.

Working with governments, operators, infrastructure managers and manufacturers Ricardo ensures railways deliver the highest possible value to their customers and wider communities.

Whether looking to develop new regional transport plans, introduce low-emission technologies or improve the journey experience for customers, Ricardo Rail bridges the divide between core engineering disciplines and the economic and environmental challenges of rail transport.


Hexagon Purus

Hexagon Purus is a global leader in key technologies needed for zero emission mobility. Our solutions enable the safe and effective use of hydrogen or electricity as transportation energy. We work every day to accelerate the energy transition, providing Type 4 high-pressure cylinders and systems for the storage and transport of compressed hydrogen, as well as complete vehicle systems and battery packs for fuel cell and battery electric vehicles. With the acquisition of Wystrach in 2021, we have significantly increased our hydrogen systems design and assembly capacity, expanding our product portfolio and increasing exposure to hydrogen infrastructure through distribution modules, mobile refueling and stationary storage solutions. ​

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Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology

Electric and Hybrid Rail Technology is the rail industry’s only publication dedicated to decarbonisation of rolling stock. The publication addresses the need to not only substantially reduce rail emissions, but also improve NVH and save operators money. Through a series of international, in-depth project case studies and white papers as well as interviews with key and influential industry figures, Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology features all possible CO2-reducing concepts, from battery-electric to hydrogen fuel cells. The magazine includes features on energy-storage solutions of all types, charging technologies, motors, APUs, wiring, and systems integration. The publication is for the world’s rail operators as well as influential figures within research centers and of course key suppliers/systems integrators who purchase electric and hybrid rail technologies. Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology brings together the industry, connecting them to discuss, and further, electric and hybrid rail development and deployment.